Armada Solutions

Armada Solutions is a system integrator and supplier catering to both high-end residential and select commercial projects in Saudi Arabia. With a primary focus on lighting and automation systems, Armada Solutions offers cutting-edge solutions that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of spaces. The company showcases its range of home automation systems and high-end lighting solutions […]

Armada CASA

Armada Casa, a renowned distributor of premium construction materials, established 25 years ago in Saudi Arabia, is widely recognized for its expertise in the industry. Specializing in interior building materials, Armada Casa proudly represents over 30 high-end brands, including renowned names like Mirage and Iris for tiles, Fima for sanitary fixtures, and Havwoods for parquet […]


D-Square, a distributor specialising in high-end construction finishing materials, is a dynamic centre of creativity and inspiration. With a strong emphasis on luxury residential projects, D-Square takes pride in offering its customers exceptional products accompanied by unparalleled services. The company focuses on a diverse range of brands, with a particular emphasis on Gessi and THG […]

ArmadaX GAF & Co

Founded in 1973 on the profound re-spect for natural stone, Gaf & Co has transformed the culture, heritage and know-how of three Azar generations into a trend setting pioneer in the region. GAF&CO’s trusted and reliable international sources and quarries allow us to bring forward high-end quality stones with a wide array of shapes, sizes, […]