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Since 1998


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Since 1998

Armada Holding has grown its three business divisions into a reputable and dynamic business network. Through continuous development and improvement, Armada Holding has demonstrated to provide sustainable solutions with a customer centric focus.

What We Do

Armada Holding is the parent company of its subsidiaries Advacon, Armada Company Ltd., and Cegelec Network and Security Systems. Armada Holding oversees all of...

what we do?

From our 16 years of experience we have perfected various methods to provide high quality services, individualized to the respective industry’s requirements. Our multidisciplinary teams have gained proficiency in resolving business challenges in many industrial arenas such as construction, development, electrical, electronic, engineering, technology and trading. Armada’s client-first approach allows for client anonymity to ensure a viable and cost effective tailored solution. Our entrepreneurial drive facilitates us to address and resolve business challenges collaboratively with our valued clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our clients simple, efficient, and integrated solutions in a variety of industries. By staying focused on customer needs, we believe that we have the...

Our Mission

Armada Holding’s mission to provide its clients with simple solutions motivates its employees to contribute on building a financially resolute organization. Due to the evolving business dynamics in today’s globalized economy, we understand that we have to establish relationships with organizations based in Saudi Arabia and abroad to reach our pinnacle point. We place emphasis on our training programs and support Saudization in order to grow a stronger team of professionals that help serve our clients better.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s industry leader and best service provider in each and every market we serve. Our core focus is to gain market...

Our Vision

As a robust organization, we are committed to securing a fruitful future through focusing on becoming Saudi Arabia’s industry leader. We are constantly looking to diversify our currently serviced industries with the purpose to increase the wealth of our stakeholders. This in turn will allow Armada Holding to accumulate formidable expertise in achieving operational excellence. Our vision as a unified business network is to essentially become the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s most reputable organization and to join the upper echelon of the business world.

“Good actions are a guard against the blows of adversity.”

- Abu Bakr -

Our Companies

We have integrated our three divisions, Armada Company Ltd., Advacon and Cegelec Network and Security Systems in order to offer an array of value-added solutions to our respected clients. Our companies are customer-satisfaction oriented and relentlessly focus on providing excellent service to them.

Armada Company Ltd.

(Armada Co. Ltd.)

Armada Co. Ltd. is a well known supplier of lighting solutions, electrical devices, and home automation solutions in Saudi Arabia. It is based in Riyadh and is...

Armada Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1998, Armada Co. Ltd. has imposed itself as a major supplier of value added engineering for lighting solutions, electrical devices and home automation solutions. Armada Co. Ltd. has situated elegant showrooms all across Saudi Arabia’s western, eastern and central provinces. Over the years Armada Co. Ltd. has earned high credibility and the trust of its clientele through providing great design, reliability and quality features. In order to fulfill the increasing demands of superior products, Armada Co. Ltd. is currently managed and driven by an entrepreneurial management team. The team coordinates with more than 60 highly professional and skilled technical personnel to meet our clients’ goals.

Advanced Concepts For Contracting Co. Ltd.


Advacon is a leader in general contracting in civil, telecommunication infrastructure, site facilities, electrical and mechanical services. Advacon has teams in Project...


Advacon was established in response to the rapid growth in the construction and development industry. The growing Saudi market and increasing need for real estate development paved way for Advacon to position itself as a trendsetter. The scope of projects undertaken by the Advacon team includes, but not limited to telecommunication infrastructure (OSP, ISP), civil, temporary/permanent site facilities, electrical and mechanical projects. At Advacon, the team contributes to delivering on their promise - conduct and handle all projects, small or large, with honesty, integrity and first-class business ethics. Advacon commits to uphold these values throughout the life cycle of all projects. The work ethic at Advacon is represented by both the Project Management Team (PMT) and the Construction Management Team (CMT). From the beginning to the end, the PMT is responsible for the planning, execution and closing of all projects. To complete all projects with the predetermined scope, time and budget, the PMT collaboratively works hand in hand with the Construction Management Team. These exceptional teams take care of all projects received from current clients and welcomes prospective clients, as well.

Cegelec Network and Security Systems


Cegelec NSS (Cegelec Network and Security Systems) is one of the fastest growing experts in physical security and telecom in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today...

Cegelec NSS

Cegelec NSS is a joint venture between Vinci Energies GSS, France and Armada Holding Company. Cegelec NSS is considered one of the fastest growing experts in physical security and telecom company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Cegelec NSS is an ambitious organization whose focus is to become the largest provider of physical security and telecom managed services and maintenance businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Armada Systems

Armada Systems offers a full package of telecommunication and IT services that includes, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning.

Armada Systems

Armada Systems employs a qualified team of experienced professional engineers and technicians. Thus, Armada Systems is in a strong position to offer a full package of Telecommunication and IT services that includes, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning. Armada Systems experienced team includes certified structured cabling designers and installers, certified Huawei systems installers and factory trained SDH/PDH engineers and technicians. Armada Systems is also proud to be a registered contractor with Aramco and SEC.

Armada Systems response to both public and private tenders for telecommunication projects, either as a supplier, primary contractor, or sub-contractor, is based on providing dedicated quality service while at the same time arranging competitive pricing structures. At Armada Systems, project documentation is incorporated in our service and includes production of project schedules, scope of work detail, Bill of Quantity, system descriptions, layout, wiring and system CAD drawings, O&M manuals, technical reports and preventive maintenance routines as required by the client. As an added reassurance for our valued clients, assistance from vendors’ representatives is established as required for the commissioning of specialist systems.

The above infrastructure also enables Armada Systems to offer a full maintenance warranty service package once the contract acceptance and handover is completed, in addition to, standard manufacturers guarantees.

Armada Co. LLC. - Dubai

Armada Co. LLC - Dubai develops the highest quality engineering products and the latest engineering solutions.

Armada Co. LLC. - Dubai

The remarkable success that Armada Co. Ltd. has achieved in the Saudi Market since 1998 has paved the way for the establishment of Armada Co. LLC – Dubai Branch. Armada Co. Ltd. has been recognized as a strategic partner for both Armada and its worldwide business partners. This strategic partnership has expanded its’ activities thus generating success for clients to cover the whole G.C.C. markets Consequently, Armada Co. LLC – Dubai Branch has been established to focus at developing the highest quality products and the latest engineering solutions in order to ensure that our clients receive the level of quality and value that they both expect and deserve. Our mission is to deliver high quality, value and customer satisfaction. Our teams of dedicated specialists work with the latest technologies to provide our clients the convenience of employing a single entity to supply turnkey solutions by offering a comprehensive range of intelligent building technology.


Axis delivers powerful technology solutions for all mobile business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication.


Axis was launched in 2001 with a vision of filling an essential gap in the wireless data industry within the Arabic region as well as worldwide. Axis understood the potential of accessing the new mobile generation as well as the challenge of fulfilling it. At that time, instant messaging was the most commercially feasible avenue of accessing and delivering information through mobile devices. Axis was a growing company concurrently as the telecommunications industry itself was still growing. Axis’s business model matured into an advertising model based on the team’s experience that information should be given away for free on mobile devices. Along with building an advertising based business model, Axis created MobiAd, MobiNet, Javi, Banam and Maraya all of which were focused to serving the mobile and the social networks industries.

Axis’ mobile media and communication technologies enabled the rapid delivery of business information, content, advertising and entertainment – across platforms, networks and mobile devices. Axis’ wireless products and services can expand every organization’s reach, responding to specific communication needs and responding to clients’ demands in real time.

Axis’ development team has over 20 years’ experience in consultancy and planning, developing, designing, building and implementing business and information technology solutions; this includes the development of the wireless application and media platforms that form the core of the Axis’ expertise today. The team has provided technological innovation in the fields of telecommunications, media, utilities, financial services, consumer products, manufacturing, retail and government industries. Axis is a privately held company that has experienced positive year-on-year revenue growth since launching in 2001.


FCCS provides marketing and advisory services to international clients, in various sectors of industry, including Space, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Energy and Transport.


FCCS provides marketing and advisory services to clients domestically and internationally. FCCS services various industries such as space, telecommunications, aerospace, energy and transport. It utilizes technology and systems coupled with, both, service providers and suppliers to deliver tailored solutions to its clients. FCCS balances to serve clients within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries along with its international clientele.

FCCS employs a diverse set of professionals who are determined to have an invigorating effect on its clients business. FCCS focuses on selected areas of interest for its valued clients. FCCS understands that it begins with a solid relationship. Thus, FCCS leverages its principle relationships and international reach to help clients improve efficiencies in order to sustain the results and business performance. FCCS professionals will work diligently with your business to help you achieve maximum success. Your FCCS team provides customized marketing and advisory services that are based on your organizations requirements. FCCS is organized to mobilize your dedicated team of FCCS professionals quickly then assign them to meet your needs.

Saudi Envirozone

Saudi EnviroZone provides solutions including, AAQMS, CEMS, PEMS, EPA/EAD to name a few, as well as, providing environmental consultancy services.

Saudi Envirozone

EnviroZone Middle East L.L.C is an environmental company providing state-of-the-art solutions for Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (AAQMS), Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMS), Water Quality Monitoring Systems and Noise Monitoring Systems for environmental compliance (EPA/EAD), process monitoring/optimization, and emissions testing applications. EnviroZone is also active in environmental consultancy services including dispersion modeling.

EnviroZone offers a wide range of analytical solutions for various environmental projects, including multi- gas analyzers, discrete analyzers, particulate monitors, flow monitors, noise monitoring terminals and water quality monitoring sensors and consultancy services such as dispersion modeling, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP). EnviroZone provides a full range of services from project conception to after-sales service and support for pre-engineered and custom integrated systems. The headquarters in Abu Dhabi is home to our Sales, Engineering, Production, Quality Control, Finance and Project Support Teams. Our state-of-the-art facility enables EnviroZone to house an extensive spare parts inventory, and handle multiple projects simultaneously.

Our goal was, and continues to be, building high quality laboratory facilities. We provide our customers with the expertise to ensure that the design envisioned by the architect and/or the end user is achieved. We add value to any project by contributing our knowledge in procuring the laboratory furnishings and equipment best suited for the client’s needs.

Our vision is to make EnviroZone a reliable provider of choice, by providing tailored solutions for all Environmental Monitoring Solutions in the region. The quality of our technical support and services is just as important as the performance of our products and EnviroZone is committed to a continuous service improvement strategy that aims to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. In the highly technological field of measurement, EnviroZone strives to establish long-term partnerships with its clients by providing technical support with a highly dedicated, skilled and fully trained team.

Alpha Lloyds

Alpha Lloyd’s Saudi provides insurance and reinsurance brokerage as well as consulting services to corporate, multinational, institutional and individual clients.

Alpha Lloyds

Alpha Lloyd’s Saudi is located in the capital of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is a leading insurance and reinsurance broker and provides its clients consulting services in the GCC and MENA regions. The experienced team at Alpha Lloyd’s services corporate, multinationals, local groups, quasi government entities, institutional and individual clients. Alpha Lloyd’s has achieved tremendous success throughout the years and became first insurance broker in the region to be ISO 9001-2008 certified.

This continued success is based upon Alpha Lloyd’s ability to achieve service excellence through partnerships, commitment and trust with its clients and vast global network. Alpha Lloyd’s makes it an effort to raise the bar in spreading awareness that insurance is not only a contractual requirement but a mindset that gives individuals and organizations a piece of mind in order for them to focus on their core business.

Business Sectors

The percentage of our revenues that we have dedicated to our sectors.

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Armada Holding

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