About us

Our Story

Armada Group, founded in 1999, is the operational branch of Mohamed Ali Ben Laden Family Office, with him and his two sons retaining full ownership.

As a passionate bicultural entrepreneur, Mohamed Ali Ben Laden has assembled a Seasoned team to forecast market trends and establish a conscientious presence in the Saudi market.

As Armada Group celebrates its 25th anniversary, we take pride in our solid reputation, built on expertise and trust earned from Saudi and international partners.

- Antoine de Saint Exupéry -

Vision & Business Model

Driven by the momentum of Saudi Vision 2030, Armada Group is dedicated to a responsible economic model. Our focus on innovation and value creation drives our mission.

As a family organization with a nimble structure and no investment constraints, Armada Group prioritizes agile decision-making to cultivate lasting partnerships. Our growth strategy revolves around our partners and clients, underpinned by a commitment to continuous efficiency and transparency.

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