Armada Technology Supports Satellite AIT Facility Development in Saudi Arabia

Leveraging Existing Assets

Under contract with a government agency, Armada Technology, a subsidiary of the Armada Holding group, developed a plan to leverage existing assets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to implement the construction of a satellite Assembly, Integration, and Test (AIT) facility as well as a ground segment integrated facility.

Feasibility Study and Design

Armada Technology contributed to the feasibility study of the program, providing expertise in the design phase. The company also assisted the government agency with the procurement of specialised contracting services for the implementation of the works.

Tapping into In-House Expertise

Armada Technology’s deep experience in satellite systems and ground infrastructure, bolstered by the broader capabilities within the Armada Holding group, allowed the company to offer comprehensive support throughout the development process.

Enabling Localized Satellite Capabilities

By establishing the AIT and ground segment facilities in Saudi Arabia, the project aims to build indigenous satellite development and operations capabilities within the kingdom. This will strengthen the country’s space infrastructure and support its strategic goals in the satellite communications sector.

Commitment to Saudi Arabia’s Space Ambitions

We are proud to support Saudi Arabia in enhancing its satellite technology capabilities,” said John Smith, CEO of Armada Holding. “This project demonstrates Armada Technology’s commitment, as part of the Armada Holding group, to contributing to the kingdom’s space ambitions and developing localized expertise in this critical domain.

Advancing Saudi Arabia’s Space Capabilities

Through its work on this strategic initiative, Armada Technology, backed by Armada Holding, is helping to advance Saudi Arabia’s space capabilities and enable the country to independently design, integrate, and operate its satellite assets. This will have far-reaching implications for the kingdom’s digital infrastructure and regional influence.

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