Armada Technology Supports the Development of Saudi Arabia’s GEO Communications Satellite System

Armada Technology’s Expertise Bolstered by Armada Holding

Armada Technology, a leading provider of satellite and telecommunications solutions, has been retained by a national authority in Saudi Arabia to support the deployment and commercialisation of the kingdom’s high-throughput satellite (HTS) communications system. As a subsidiary of the broader Armada Holding group, Armada Technology’s expertise and capabilities are bolstered by the resources and experience of the parent company.

Enhancing the Satellite Network Capabilities

In 2022, Armada was brought on to assist with the enhancement of the satellite network capabilities for this strategic program. This includes the design and implementation of advanced telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) systems, user gateways operating in the Ka-band frequency, and a robust encryption system to ensure the security of the network.

Developing the Commercialisation Strategy

Beyond the technical aspects, Armada was also tasked with developing the commercialisation strategy and business case for this national satellite asset. This involved creating a public-private partnership (PPP) model to outsource the ongoing operations of the system to commercial partners. Armada’s satellite experts, drawing on the broader expertise within the Armada Holding group, evaluated multiple proposals from prospective commercial operators and provided recommendations to the authority on the optimal implementation plan. This will help maximize the return on investment for the kingdom’s satellite infrastructure while ensuring reliable and secure communications services.

Securing Saudi Arabia’s Digital Connectivity

The GEO communications satellite system is a critical piece of Saudi Arabia’s digital infrastructure, providing connectivity across the kingdom and region. Armada Technology’s role, backed by the resources and experience of Armada Holding, in enhancing the satellite network and developing the commercialization strategy will help ensure the long-term success and sustainability of this important national program.

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