Wolfgang Gaebler

Born in 1957, Wolfgang Gaebler is a distinguished individual, who obtained a degree in civil engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, Germany. His career has been marked by significant achievements in the field of international infrastructure projects. Notably, he served as an Executive Manager at Lahmeyer International, overseeing large-scale ventures of global importance. Furthermore, he assumed the role of CEO for the international division of Philipp Holzmann, a renowned German construction company. Adding to his extensive expertise, Wolfgang Gaebler also held the prestigious position of German Country Chief at Bureau Veritas. His vast experience encompasses the successful management of complex projects on an international scale. In 2012, Wolfgang joined Armada, assuming the role of Senior Advisor to the shareholder. Additionally, he held board positions in two notable joint ventures, namely CNSS and the Saudi French Company, further solidifying his contribution to the organization.

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